Educator Support

Adults play a critical role in the development of pre-literacy and reading skills for children. In the first years of life, children develop essential skills by listening to and interacting with their parents and caregivers. When children start formal schooling, families continue to partner with teachers to support their child’s education. Reach Every Reader is working to empower the adults who surround and support young children’s learning during those critical years of literacy development. 




Empowering educators with effective classroom tools and practices

Our teaching models and tools are designed to promote classrooms where every learner is engaged, valued, and stretched. We help educators develop their instructional practices toolkit so that curriculum and interventions are effectively and successfully implemented in their classrooms. We are working with both seasoned educators and pre-service teachers to support their learning in foundational literacy skills




Increasing capacity through technologyteacher using virtual reality headset

In order to reach millions of families and educators, our efforts must be supported by careful use of technology, with a strong user-centered approach. We do not use technology for its own sake, but rather to facilitate learning and help us support more adults than would otherwise be possible.

To support educators, we are testing a variety of technology-based modes of delivery for professional development, including virtual reality, 360 mixed-reality simulations, and a resource site with individualized adult learning plans. We expect to be able to provide a differentiated experience for educators focused on the areas in which they need the most support. 

Through our pre-K apps, we are attempting to fundamentally change the way technology is used as a tool for teaching young children. One way to do this is by encouraging interactions between adults and children, rather than creating digital learning tools that are handed off to children to use independently.