Adult Capacity Building in the Reach Every Reader Project

October 5, 2019

Scot Osterweil and Louisa Rosenheck present Adult Capacity Building in the Reach Every Reader Project at the Connected Learning Summit in Irvine, California.


Adults are the most important resource for impacting the lives and early literacy skills of young children. However, the most effective methods for supporting early literacy don’t necessarily come naturally, and adults may face barriers they are not even aware of such as bias and a lack of empathy. The Adult Capacity Building team within the Reach Every Reader project has developed a set of immersive experiences with varying levels of technology, with the goal of researching in what ways these media can scaffold the learning of best practices in supporting young children’s literacy development. In this workshop participants will learn about some of the literacy approaches like dialogic reading, and they will be able to try out a handful of digital experiences.