K-3 Screener & Assessment

We developed an early literacy screener, “Interstellar Express Hotshot” designed to preemptively identify risks for reading difficulties in young children. It is short (<10 minutes), gamified for optimal student engagement, adaptive to efficiently target individuals’ skills, and takes a more holistic approach to screening using traditional literacy measures combined with behavioral measures that are shown to significantly factor into a child’s risk for reading difficulty. The screener is being piloted both locally and at the state level.

We have completed development of  CBM at Home which has been designed to help parents and educators understand a child’s risk for developing reading difficulties in the future. This resource includes short, timed tests that measure important early reading skills for K-2 aged children.

CBM at Home is available in both English  and Spanish.

Interstellar Express Hotshot

Reach Every Reader’s brief screener will provide a playful,... Learn More

Interstellar Express

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CBM at Home

CBM at Home (Curriculum-Based Measure) includes short, timed tests... Learn More