Dyslexia: An Ounce of Prevention Is Better Than a Pound of Diagnosis and Treatment

August 22, 2020

Catts, H. W., & Hogan, T. P. (2020). Dyslexia: An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of diagnosis and treatment.

Dyslexia is a significant developmental disorder that is associated with a host of negative consequences. Most states in the US have recently passed legislation requiring the diagnosis and treatment of dyslexia in school settings. Whereas this legislation brings needed attention to children with dyslexia, diagnosis and treatment are often delayed until several years after school entry. By this time, reading problems and other negative consequences are well underway. In this paper, we argue for an alternative, prevention-based approach that focuses on the early identification of children at risk for dyslexia and the provision of instruction/intervention that is matched to their needs.