Interaction Principles for Digital Puppeteering to Promote Teacher Learning

March 2, 2021

Bondie, R., Mancenido, Z., & Dede, C. (2021). Interaction principles for digital puppeteering to promote teacher learning. Journal of Research on Technology in Education53(1), 107-123.


This literature review analyzed 18 studies published between 2013 and 2020 to understand the role of virtual humans in mixed reality digital puppeteering simulations aimed at promoting teacher learning. Research questions explored: simulation design models, interactor training, and the attention researchers gave to language and race in the virtual classroom. The descriptive and logistical findings from this review resulted in three learning design models and five design principles that may guide the future use of digital puppeteering in mixed-reality virtual classrooms to promote teacher learning. Across studies, findings suggested promising results of teacher learning through mixed reality simulations and illuminated possible areas for future research. These included the documentation of interactor preparation and detailed evaluation of the interactions between teachers and avatars in virtual classrooms.

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