Providing Platforms: An Examination of Low-Level Questions in Informational Read Alouds.

May 11, 2020

Hale, E., & Kim, J. S. (2020). Providing platforms: An examination of low-level questions in informational read alouds. The Elementary School Journal120(4), 555-579.


This study examined teachers’ spontaneous low-level comprehension questions in script-supported informational read alouds, with a secondary analysis on the relationship between low- and high-level comprehension questions. Participants came from a predetermined subsample of 34 teachers and 824 third-grade students. Results revealed notable variation in the type and function of low-level questions, with some offering support for high-level questions or content learning. Although the predominance of low-level questioning patterns continues to be a challenge in many elementary classrooms, this study’s findings suggest some low-level questions play important, complementary functions in text discussions, particularly with informational text.

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