Elizabeth City

January 9, 2020

Liz City likes to collaborate with people with different ideas and backgrounds who seek to do something ambitious together for children, particularly for children least well-served by our current schools and systems. This has led her to start schools, launch a new doctoral program in education leadership (Ed.L.D.) at Harvard, and now to serve as executive director and lead principal investigator for Reach Every Reader. Liz started her career as a middle school and high school teacher, principal, and literacy coach, and her more recent work is focused on supporting adults, whether in graduate programs, executive education, or in the field. Her authored and co-authored publications include: Meeting Wise; Data Wise; Strategy in Action; Instructional Rounds in Education; Resourceful Leadership; and The Teacher’s Guide to Leading Student-Centered Discussions: Talking about Texts in the Classroom. Liz’s favorite book as a child was Anne of Green Gables, in part because her mother, like the title character, was from Canada and named “Anne-with-an-e.”