Collaboration & Reach

With many different teams and institutions working across Reach Every Reader, part of our effort is focused on assisting all internal and external teams in aligning their goals, bridging collaborative connections that strengthen our efforts, and sharing our ongoing learning with others to progress the field. From the beginning of the initiative, we have focused on questions surrounding the reach of our impact and the scalability of our products and ideas.

A focus on impact and scalability

We are explicitly sharing our process, progress, and challenges along the way in order that others might learn from more than just our successes.

We seek unique opportunities to create collaborative solutions to our nation’s literacy problem and continuously look for effective ways to interact with the countless stakeholder audiences in early literacy.

We are designing for scale, which includes exploring questions like: How do we think about access for a wide range of audiences and contexts? How do we provide self-sustaining products at low-to-no cost?

We are building the capacity of the next generation of problem-solving scholars and learning engineers in education, research, and technology development.