Pre-K Home & Family Engagement


Engaging families and caregivers

Reach Every Reader is creating digital tools and techniques to equip families with knowledge about how pre-literacy and reading skills are developed and how to create a literacy-rich environment at home. As we develop our products and resources, we regularly seek feedback from families throughout the design process to ensure that we are producing truly useful tools for families’ range of strengths and needs.


Using technology to support early reading skills

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Critical pre-literacy skills can be developed long before elementary school. To address this, many digital markets are producing educational products for children to play independently. However, there is much evidence showing how important it is for families to play an interactive role in their children’s literacy development.

The Pre-K Home & Family Engagement team focuses on creating tools that promote enjoyable and meaningful interactions between pre-school-aged children and their families. By using readily-available technology, we can support personalized experiences easily accessible by millions of families. 

Promote your child's language development through research-based strategies

Use a variety of vocabulary during interactions with your child

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Ask your child open-ended questions to help stimulate sustained conversations

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Discuss the past and the future with your child

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Incorporate your child's interests into conversations

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In collaboration with FableVision Studios and GBH, leading developers of children’s media, we designed three apps to help children build important early literacy skills while having fun with their caregivers. These apps are free and available now!